Portrait Painting in Oil


Aaron Westerberg is a renowned painter, who has a special talent and appreciation for color. In this Masterpiece Demo you get to be a fly on the wall in his studio. You get to watch as a professional artist creates a masterpiece from scratch. Starting his process with a model photoshoot and a color study from a live model. He shows us how he prepares his surface and color pallette before creating the final painting. We tried to capture how Aaron paints when nobody is looking rather than how he paints for a demonstration. The true way he creates in his studio. A must have for those wanting to see the entire process and workflow of a professional painter.

We are so excited to release this new demo series. There’s 2 versions. A 2 hour feature that will include Aaron’s complete process from photoshoot to finished painting. The other is a 10+ hours real-time version. You’ll have the full experience and appreciation of the time and effort that goes into a painting of this scale. If there’s a part of the painting that you want to see uncut, such as the eyes or hands, you can watch every mixture and brush stroke that Aaron laid in the making of his masterpiece.



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